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Meh November 1, 2009

Filed under: Baby Cakes — themamabeth @ 7:05 pm

I signed up for Nablopomo. One post a day for the entire month of November. No pressure or anything.

First Halloween was…something. She totally fell apart around 6:00 PM and ended up falling asleep, and she slept in her stroller for a couple of hours. Once she woke up, she was shy and fussy for a bit, then she warmed up to the idea of the gathering and seemed to actually enjoy herself.

We never got pictures of her in her costume, so I might put her in it just for the pictures-no one has to know they weren’t taken ON Halloween.

In other unrelated news, the budget for November is looking fantastic, and I am super excited. The cable has been cancelled, we don’t have the expense of the AC for several months to come and that’s freeing up a LOT of income.

In other other unrelated news, I bought a new lock for our mailbox yesterday so we could stop having our mail forwarded to my dad’s. I’ve since lost the keys to the new lock. Aggrivating. And I’m going to feel like a real ass having to admit to the mailman that I have to reinstall another lock because he has to open the master lock for me to pop out the old lock. Embarassing.  Updated: Ha!  I found the keys. The were on top of the dryer, hidden by some laundry.

In other other other unrelated news, the baby can clap. And she’s walking. She still crawls a lot of the time, but she’s walking on her own when she chooses to. Gads.


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