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You can call me Stumpy October 29, 2009

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On Sunday I bought some dessert mix-brownies with chocolte chip cookies. Heaven.

By the time I got home and got dinner started, I was grouchy and rushing, and I used the wrong size pan.

They turned out hard but still more or less edible.

Last night, I wanted my brownie/cookies with some ice cream, so I thought if I warmed up the pan they would soften enough to eat. Well, the pan didn’t fit in the microwave. So I decided I’d just carve some out to put in a bowl and heat it up that way.

That didn’t go well. I was using a butter knife tryin to cut out a chunk. The knife slipped or something, and I managed to stab myself in the left palm. Fortunately it was a butter knife, so the wound itself is very small, but it seemed to have left a bruise, and it is very uncomfortable to have a bruised palm.

And I did still pry out a serving, and I ate it with ice cream. And it wasn’t good enough to make up for my wound.


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