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A hat October 29, 2009

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It’s going to get cold for at least a day sometime this winter. The baby will need a hat, and me and all of my frugalishness decided instead of buying a hat, I would make her a hat.

Attempt number one was a miserable failure. I used the wrong needles, so it was huge, and since I can’t read properly I failed to follow the directions, and it was bad. Attempt number one was unravelled.

Attempt number two was successful, barring the fact that the hat is still huge. I swear I followed the pattern. Anyway. She has a hat, and it’s warm, and she can grow into it.

(I’ll cut off that extra tail of yarn before she wears it for real)


One Response to “A hat”

  1. Amber Liddle Says:

    good for you. I never did get the hang of making hats. Mine always turned out way too small…

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