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October 22, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — themamabeth @ 2:33 am

There are things that stress me out, alot.

Currently on the list:
-Swine flu
-Regular flu
-My friend’s dog (long story)
-Money (or the lack thereof)
-This awful training class I’m in for the next week and a half
-I need to take the dogs to the vet
-We’re almost out of toilet paper
-I want to go back to school
-etc etc etc

Really, I think that my blood pressure has got to be through the roof right now. I hatehatehate days like this. Rationally, I realize that some of this stuff is either a)out of my control or b)not worth stressing over. I’m just in one of those frames of mind right now that EVERYTHING is a source of stress-the sun went down today, it stressed me out. Blah. How can I come out of having three days off work and be stressed?


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