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Nine Months September 17, 2009

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Nine months. As long out as in (ok, Jake pointed out she was in for nine months and three weeks, thanks hon-next time you can be the pregnant one). This nine months has gone by
much faster than the nine she was cooking.
The first months are a blur. The day she was born is still clear in my mind-the labor and the ride to the hospital. The grapes they gave me right after she was born were the best ones I have ever
eaten. Jake took them all off the bunch so I could eat them one handed-and you know, since then he’s been sure to make sure everything is one-handed-edible for me, and I’ve never once had to ask him to do that. He just automatically does. But, the clear memories pretty much stop there. Everything from the first six months is pretty hazy.

She’s so much fun now. It is so hard to imagine having a tiny baby around-what the heck do you do with them? All they do is lay there. Now she interacts-she has wants rather than just needs. It is awesome to see her turn into an actual person rather than just a baby.

She’s amazing. Being her mom is amazing. She makes me want to have dozens of other babies, and then I don’t want to have any others because I don’t want to have to share myself. Is it even possible for another human to exist that is anywhere near as cool as she is?

Her hair is brown, and her eyes are a hazel-ish color. She loves vegetables and Barty the cat. She doesn’t appreciate anyone walking away from her. She screams, loudly, if I don’t get food in front of her fast enough. She’s still breastfed, and not sleeping through the night. She charms everyone she meets, but she’s intensely shy-especially around men. She’s the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.
And today, on this momentous nine month birthday, she finally, FINALLY popped a tooth. It is this tiny little nub on the bottom, but it is there. She won’t be in dentures after all.

One Response to “Nine Months”

  1. Amber Liddle Says:

    You said my thoughts exactly–I want ten more kids because I love my daughter so much and then I think oh, but could they ever be as amazing as she is??? I just love being a mom!

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