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Send some sheep June 27, 2009

Filed under: Baby Cakes — themamabeth @ 5:46 am

The kid won’t sleep in her own bed anymore. Seriously? I realize I jinxed myself months ago when I gloated about the fact that she moved from bassinet to crib on my whim with not a single complaint. Yep, that was me shooting myself in the foot.

The current evening routine consists of bath, nursing until she falls asleep, then The Transition. The Transition includes me walking, very carefully and smoothly-can’t jostle, all hunched over with my body curled around her to her bed. Then oh so carefully hoisting her up, while still keeping my body curled around her, and laying her in bed,with both hands strategically placed for quick and easy extraction. And nine times out of ten, the second her head touches the crib mattress, her eyes open and she wails. She doesn’t fuss, she doesn’t just cry, she wails. So I pick her up, and we do steps two and three of the routine again. And again, and again. Sometimes she teases me and will let me get just outside her door before the wailing starts. The kid has to sleep, and so do I, so every night I break down and put her in my bed. In my bed she sleeps, sometimes all the way through without waking up (Ha! Not five minutes after I typed that sentence she woke up. Just shot myself in the other foot).

This is maddening. I don’t believe that babies can manipulate, so there has got to be a reason for this. We don’t cry it out around these parts either, so that’s not a possible solution.

Huh. So she woke up (from my bed) and I fed her, and laid her on the couch. She’s asleep on the couch now. And she will sleep in my bed alone just dandy. There’s got to be something going on with her room or her bed…Tis a mystery for now. But damnit it’d better not be for long. I so dearly want to sleep with a pillow again.


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