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Home Again June 4, 2009

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Ah home sweet home. We survived! And it actually went pretty well. We pulled up to Jake’s mom’s house minutes before the new baby came home. The drama seems to have abated, which is a very good thing, the new baby is healthy and beautiful, and no one tried to keep my kid away from me.

Jake’s mom is so kind, and she gave up her bedroom for us. It was really, really nice having privacy and a bathroom right there. Adeline wouldn’t let anyone other than me hold her, not even her dad most of the time. We got to hang out with the new baby, Great Grandma, and some friends and other family. She was totally happy if I held her though, so that’s what I did. She really seemed to like her almost-uncle S, but he just interacted with her, he never tried to hold her (which is probably why she liked him so much).

We succeeded in totally upsetting Aunt E and almost-Uncle S’s dog. She’d never seen a baby before and was quite disturbed by the little loud human I was carrying. To make matters worse for her, we put the diaper bag in the car seat and put it on the floor near Jenny’s toys and poor Jenny got all territorial, and since she smelled the baby on that stuff she didn’t like me because I smelled like the baby. At least I’m hoping that’s what it was, I’m generally very good with animals.

Last night Jake got some real and true laughs out of Adeline, it was awesome. I was holding her facing away from me, and I walked up and made her ‘kick’ Jake in the stomach. She kinda giggled at that, so we did it again, but the second time Jake went backwards and flailed his arms like he was falling. She thought it was the best game ever and she laughed and laughed. So far she’s really only laughed at me tickling her, and that’s hit or miss, so that was really exciting for Jake. And today she hung out with him for a good part of the morning and again after we got home. It seems like the game playing was almost a turning point in their relationship. Seeing his soft, silly side like that was awesome for me as well. Little moments like that remind me why I want to have dozens of kids with this man.

The dogs haven’t moved out but their beds are one tantrum away from the trash. They also killed a book of sudoku puzzles. Really though, they did well. I’m not ready to break down their crates just yet, but I think soon they’ll graduate to just being in the house when we’re gone with no worries. (Someone stayed at the house while we were gone, but she wasn’t here ALL the time; we didn’t just leave the dogs home alone for two days.)

All in all, the trip was a total success. Adeline survived the dreaded car seat with only one stop on the way up and two on the way home. The dogs didn’t eat my house and the cats didn’t kill each other. Jake got a much needed vacation, and I’m even considering going up on my own here pretty soon. Now I have to go prove to the baby that she is quite capable of sleeping in her crib. Two and a half weeks of almost exclusive co-sleeping has thrown a wrench in our night time routine.


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