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Gone Fishing June 1, 2009

Filed under: On the Road,The Pets — themamabeth @ 2:54 am

Okay, so I just spent the last two weeks at my mom’s while she went on a cruise with her Gentleman Friend. It went fairly well baby-wise, but man oh man am I glad to be home. I missed my squishy pillowtop mattress. And my side-by-side washer and dryer. Her dishwasher is pretty cool though, and oh my god her vacuum is the coolest thing ever. Now I want one. Such is the state of my life that I spend so much time thinking about appliances. I’ve got to get out more.

That being said…We are taking our first overnight out of town trip tomorrow! So far the baby has a whole big bag, her big diaper bag and I still need a toys bag. I haven’t even started packing for Jake and me. We’re only going to be gone two nights and I have more luggage than my mom did for her 16 day vacation.

We’re going to go see Jake’s little brother and his new baby. There’s a bit of drama surrounding this whole situation so I have no idea how this trip will go. I am hoping that everyone is so excited by the newest baby and distracted by the drama that Adeline will be kinda ignored. She just doesn’t do so great with people other than me or Jake, and it makes me feel bad when people want to hold her and she’ll have none of it. And I know that the out of town family doesn’t get to see her much, but I don’t get why they insist on hanging on to her when she’s screaming. I’d understand if she was colicky or something and she would cry no matter who held her, but I’m not going to let my kid scream for me because someone wants to hold her when I know she’ll be fine as soon as she’s with me again. So there.

Hopefully the dogs won’t stage a mutiny while we’re gone. I know they’re not pleased right now because I’ve been gone for two weeks, and to have both Jake and I leave might just push them over the edge. The cats are being typical cats-they know something’s up and they’re doing their best to trip me. Apparently their strategy is to break my neck so I can’t go anywhere.


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