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Swimming! May 28, 2009

Filed under: Baby Cakes,Fun and Games — themamabeth @ 7:48 pm
We took Baby Cakes swimming yesterday. It took us longer to get ready to go than it took us to actually swim. I’m pretty sure Jake put over half of the tube of sunscreen on her, and even after being in the pool and having a bath she still smells like Aveeno Baby.
We were only in the water for fifteen minutes or so. It was too windy and there were some ominous looking clouds moving in.

I was pretty sure going into it that she’d hate the whole experience. She doesn’t dig cold water-her baths have to be really warm for her to be happy. But, she had a great time. She kicked and splashed and wasn’t scared. Jake and I both managed to have her face drop into the water just a bit which didn’t phase her in the least. All in all, it was fun and something we’ll be doing again.


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