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Updates April 23, 2009

Filed under: Baby Cakes — themamabeth @ 4:25 am

Baby Cakes had her four-month appointment on Monday. She’s up to 13 pounds, 26 inches and 16 inch head circumference. Yay for growing! As Elmo would say, So Big! We’re supposed to wait until she’s six months to start solids, which was my secret hope. I love nursing her, and it’ll make me a little sad to have that not be her only source of food.

We stopped by the library on the way home. There was actually a crowd waiting for it to open, which I thought was kinda cool. I got two books, we’ll see if I can actually read them before they’re due. I owed thirty dollars in late fees-whoops. And I think they were all for Anna Karenina, which I didn’t actually finish. I could have BOUGHT three books for that much. Maybe I am better off buying books than I am going to the library. Oh well.

I babysat for some friends on Saturday night. They have three boys, and are more or less my parenting role models. Their oldest, N, was soooo good with the baby. I had her laying on a blanket on the floor, and he spent the evening sitting by her. She seemed to enjoy his company, and if she’d fuss he’d talk to her and she’d calm down. When it was time to go to bed he was worried that she’d miss him. I think the kids were dissapointed that Jake didn’t come along (he was at Nascar with his brother) because he makes fart jokes and builds fantastic forts. According to their mom, even though it has been nearly a year since we were there last, they STILL talk about Jake-and he’s only been there the one time. Hopefully we can go back soon, I love hanging out with those kids, and their parents are pretty cool too.

Other than that, our lives are pretty much same ol’ same ol’. Jake works like a madman and I hang out at home with the kid. She gets more and more interesting every day, and her personality is really starting to come through.

I see a lot of Jake in her. She has his ears (which may not be such a good thing, hehe). But she also seems to have inherited his facial expressions, which is very funny to me. She seems to have a bit of an anti-social leaning, which is most certainly my influence. She doesn’t dig people she doesn’t know-even to the point if someone other than me or her dad talks to her, she may very well scream.

We have gotten to the point where Jake believes she actually loves him, which I am grateful for (as is he). I used to be her one-and-only, and now she absolutely lights up when he is around. She can be Fussy McFussypants for hours, and as soon as he walks in the door she just glows. There are actually times now where I can’t make her happy and if Jake takes her, she’s content as can be. Watching their relationship grow is so much fun, even though sometimes I do get jealous.


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