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Choking hazard April 23, 2009

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Baby Cakes seems to have grown a rather violent dislike for her carseat. If we can get her in there when she’s sleeping or very tired, all is well. If she’s not sleeping/tired then car rides are not so much fun.

I was telling some friends how much she hates her carseat and how difficult that makes running errands by myself. M gave me her Hot Sling to try out to see if the baby’d do better with that. (All the while probably scoffing at my ineptitude, considering she’s got three boys 5,3,2 and she runs errands all the time with them and no other adult assistance.)

I decided to try it out the other day and utter madness ensued. M had shown me the theory behind the sling, but the baby was sleeping so she didn’t have a way to demonstrate. So I folded the thing like I’d been shown and got the baby in. Seemed like her legs were all scrunched up, and I just didn’t imagine she was very comfortable. So I decided to take her out and try again, but somehow, I’d managed to get her wedged in there in a way that I couldn’t get her out. Apparently the baby realized that she was stuck at the same moment that I did, and she loudly protested her situation, and I couldn’t convince her that I could problem-solve much better with peace and quiet. After much squirming, tugging, and sucking in, I was able to pull her out of the bottom of the sling. Considering that this sling holds the baby from the bottom, this was quite a feat and both Baby Cakes and I were just a bit traumatized.

Since I’m not one to pass up an opportunity to use free stuff, I tried again a few days later, and guess what? This thing is awesome! Way more user-friendly than my fake Moby Wrap, and cuter too. The baby seems to enjoy it quite a bit and oh crap I was supposed to email M the instructions for the fake Moby Wrap days and days ago and I have to go bye


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