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A few of my favorite things… April 11, 2009

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Here are the top five favorites from my feed list. These ladies remind me that parenthood is never easy but always worth it.

Tiff and Kids. This is the first blog I found. She’s an amazing mother faced with the challenge of losing a son, raising a sick little girl, being a stay at home mom and having two sons that weren’t orginally hers. She’s honest and funny and a joy to read. I’ve found myself attached to her littlest kids, the oh-so-cute twins.

Amy and her two boys who are ridiculously cute. She’s hilarious,-laugh out loud quality. She’s had some challenges with her oldest and her way of handling things is refreshing.

Kristen offers a brutally honest look at her life with her husband and three kids. She reminds me that being mama isn’t always pretty, and being a wife isn’t always easy.

Jenna who has a kiddo just one day older than mine. She’s the girl I wish I could have been friends with in high school, but she’s waaay cooler than me. A little funny, a little sarcastic and so much fun to read.

Tanis is a Canadian mama with four kids-three here with her and one in heaven. She’s the mom I hope I can be. I love how she writes about her kids, the love practically oozes out of my monitor.

There are lots of other bloggers in my reader. It was tough to narrow it down to five favorites. I find myself reading the ladies listed above and often nodding and thinking ‘me too!’ I enjoy having the privilege of getting to peek into their lives when they update.

How ’bout you? Who are some of your favorite bloggers?


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