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Not going to do that again any time soon March 19, 2009

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With our new one-income status, I’ve become very aware of ways to save money. With our newish status as an actual family, I’ve become very aware of the need to get in the habit of having sit-down meals.

I sat down this week with the grocery store ads, coupons and my recipes and made out a grocery list, as well as a plan for five meals. It took me four days.

Today, I decided to tackle the bulk portion of my list and go to Sam’s Club. With the baby. She and I have been to Fry’s and Target with little incident alone, so I figured this would be cake. I let her take her morning nap, fed her, and off we went. She did fine for a bit. We ran into a group with a seven-week old (two men, one woman and the baby…not sure of the dynamic there) and we chatted. They offered to let me shop with them in case I needed help. That was so kind, but my social anxiety kicked in and I declined, and spent the remainder of the time I was there avoiding them, especially when the baby got fussy.

And oh did the baby get fussy. I ended up sitting on the floor across from the tuna fish and canned chicken to feed her. She wasn’t pleased with the setup, mostly because she hates the nursing cover, and screamed bloody murder and tried to rip the cover off. I gave up on that, and discovered if I pushed the cart really fast, she was happy. So I decided the baby not screaming was more important than the safety of the other shoppers and she and I zoomed around Sam’s as fast as I could go. With the two forty pound containers of cat litter and the fact I was wearing flip-flops, this was decidedly not safe. Fortunately, there were no collisions. I finished up and we went to check out, and she had a meltdown.

The cashier at the register next to mine had hearing aids, and my kid’s screaming was clearly making it impossible for him to hear. The people he was helping were getting annoyed, I was getting frantic, the baby was hysterical…Thank god the next customer for the other cashier was a mom with a four-ish year-0ld, a baby on the way and the patience of a saint. My cashier flew through my items and had us totalled out in record time. I got outside, the baby quit crying, and the other mom came over to let her son say hello to the baby. He informed me that the baby was crying because she wanted to play ball. Cute kid, and his mom was super nice and made me feel less like a failure as a parent and a menace to society and more like outings like this happen to all parents and I should laugh it off.

Lesson learned: I am not going back to Sam’s without a better list, a helper and a flask. Just kidding about the flask. Sort of.

And oh, ye gods. I still have to go to Fry’s to get the rest of my groceries.


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