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Photographic Friday March 14, 2009

Filed under: Baby Cakes,Life Is Good — themamabeth @ 3:18 am

Baby Cakes has had a day of no naps and she’s to the point she’s so tired she won’t let herself sleep. I had finally, finally gotten her to fall asleep in my arms on the couch. I oh so carefully stood up and started walking towards her room. I had that whole step-swing-bounce-step thing going on. Then…The theme to Pimp My Ride came on. Bing! Her eyes popped open and she gave the little happy-baby wiggle. It is her most favorite show, and she Adores Xibit-yes, that’s Adores-with a capital A. Sigh.

I love, love, love craigslist. I scored a pack-n-play AND a new dining room table for less than our original dining room table budget was.

The list-updated:
*Weeds-front and back yards*Master bedroom closet–finish floor *Master bathroom recaulk*Master bathroom cleaning*Clean master bedroom*Paint master bedroom trim*Clean kitchen-paint pantry shelves-clean out pantry-clean out fridge and freezer-organize cabinets*Clean living room*Make grocery list*Go grocery shopping*Paint Baby Cakes’s trim*Organize office*Paint office trim*Paint laundry room*Organize hall closet

So progress is being made. I got all of our laundry done today. And if Baby Cakes will sleep like a normal child (Hi Angelique-glad to see mine isn’t the only non-napper out there!) tomorrow I’ll be able to get lots done. Fingers crossed!


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