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Things to do in Phoenix… March 13, 2009

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When your husband has a day off…

So many things to do, so little time. We spent today on the quest for a kitchen table. No luck. They’re so expensive! So tomorrow I’ll check out craigslist for tables.

Things I also want to get done (but I’m giving myself till Sunday night):
*Weeds-front and back yards
*Master bedroom closet–finish paint, finish floor and organize
*Master bathroom recaulk
*Master bathroom cleaning
-inside cabinets/medicine cabinet
*Clean master bedroom
-find place for stereo
*Paint master bedroom trim
*Clean kitchen
-paint pantry shelves
-clean out pantry
-clean out fridge and freezer
-organize cabinets
*Clean living room
*Put bassinet away
*Find a table
*Make grocery list
*Go grocery shopping
*Paint Baby Cakes’s trim
*Organize office
*Paint office trim
*Paint laundry room
*Fix hall closet doors
*Organize hall closet

I have this need to get my house in order. Transitioning to being a SAHM has not been as easy as I thought it would.

See, I quit my job. We had decided long ago that as long as Jake’s job could support us, I’d stay home with the kid. I loved the concept and I couldn’t wait. Now that it is a reality, I fee guilty. I have a grand total of one friend who stays home. And she has three kids. And has been married for six years. She is a Mom. With a capital M. I feel like a kid playing house.

So I want to get my house in order. Get on top of everything and do my damnedest to keep it that way.

We’ll see how it goes.


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