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Married! March 8, 2009

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We did it! We got married. Yay!
It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. The license-getting was successful. We went to the wrong building at first, but the very nice man at the Information Desk gave us a map and we got our marriage license, got our rings and even got lunch without a hitch (no pun intended). The baby was a doll and very cooperative. She loved the jewelry store where we got our rings and just grinned. I have no idea what made her so happy, but it was too cute to watch her.

We had a couple of hours at the house, then we were off to the court for the ceremony. We got there early enough to be first in line. There were lots of other families there, I think our group was the smallest. The judge’s assistant was not exactly proficient in English, and it was definitely interesting as she tried to give us instructions as to what we were supposed to be doing. We got called into the courtroom, and there was quite a bit of confused milling around. The baby was about done at this point, and I was hoping I’d be able to hang on to her during the ceremony. No such luck on that one. The judge pointedly but politely asked me who’d be holding the baby. I gave her to my dad, who came in his wheelchair and was decked out in a suit and tie. She was not pleased. My little brother took her, which wasn’t any better. I kept looking away from Jake and miming suggestions to get her to stop crying. I’m sure I looked like a huge dope standing there bouncing up and down trying to convey to my poor kid brother what to do to console her. He ended up having to take her outside. The judge got to the part where he asks the witnesses to confirm that they believed we should be married, and he got the names mixed up. He asked Jake’s brother if he believed that Jake should marry R, who was my witness. There was dead silence in the room. I corrected the judge (awkward!) and after much rereading of notes and general confusion, he figured out what he had done and things went on. It was nice comic relief. The judge went on with a speech about how we were a corral and how we needed to keep the wolves at bay. I’m not so sure what that was all about.

All in all, the ceremony was absolutely perfect. The judge was kind and seemed to really enjoy marrying us. I really, really appreciated him and his good humor, mistakes and all.

I have a beautiful heirloom ring from Jake’s great grandmother to wear along with my wedding band.

So starts my life as a married woman. I don’t really feel any different. I expected to for some reason, but I feel like me still. Jake has been showing his ring off to everyone. He says he feels different, but hasn’t been able to explain exactly how.

I do know this: I have married a great man. He loves me, he loves our child, and he loves us as a family. I love him back, with all my heart. I am happy.


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