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Gettin’ Hitched March 6, 2009

Filed under: Love and Marriage — themamabeth @ 5:26 am

I have my laptop back! And better than ever. I so missed it.

Jake and I are getting married tomorrow. Exciting, no?

Ehhh. I’m actually kind of dreading it. Our original plan was for his brother and my mom to be our witnesses at the Justice of the Peace. Then Jake’s dad found out. And more or less insisted he be present. Then his mom found out his dad was coming, so we couldn’t leave her out. And I forgot that ages ago I agreed to hang out with my dad (he’s recovering from a couple of strokes and needs someone with him 24/7) for the evening so my brother (who lives with my dad and is his primary care-person) could go to a friend’s birthday party. I had to invite my mom, since all the other parents are attending. So our nice mellow wedding day has the potential to become a disaster.

The plan for tomorrow is as follows: wake up, go get wedding license, go get wedding rings, come home and get as much done as possible for the barbeque Jake has planned to celebrate on Saturday (a whole ‘nother issue), go pick up my dad, go to the court house. Wait our turn. Get married. Did I mention that our two and a half month old will be with us during all of this?

Blah. I’m stressed. The whole point of doing the courthouse wedding was to have it done with no muss, no fuss. Jake and I are just not wedding people. Not to mention the fact his brother is getting married in July. Seems to me we should all be showering that happy couple with attention right now. Jake and I had our moment in the spotlight when we had the baby. It is time to move on folks. The show is over. Nothing to see here!

I’m going to try to remember to take the camera to document the day tomorrow, so I can do a fun Photo Friday.


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