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Dumb March 4, 2009

Filed under: Baby Cakes — themamabeth @ 4:37 am

Ahhh the Internet. I have been without a computer. Sob. It was truly horrible. I am on my roommate’s computer right now, and my laptop will be returned-hopefully repaired-tomorrow.

Baby Cakes is REACHING for and GRABBING objects. My not-yet-three-month-old. Holy cow. I’m so impressed with her, and I’m so excited.

Tonight I had a Dumb Mama moment. When I went to check on Baby Cakes, it was too dark to see her, so I placed my hand on what I thought would be her stomach. It felt oddly puffy. So I patted around and realized I was feeling her bum, not her belly. Ohmygodthebabyrolledover! Then I was kind of hurt, since she’d finally managed to roll over when I WASN’T THERE TO SEE IT. Then panic. The baby rolled over. From her back to her belly. Unsafe unsafe unsafe! SIDS! Who do I call? My mom? The doctor? What do I do? So I rolled her back onto her back and went to call…who? Still hadn’t figured that one out. While I was staring at my phone hoping it would dial the number I needed without my input, it occurred to me that I had put the baby to sleep on her side tonight. Not her back. She hadn’t rolled over. She had just kind of tipped. Dumb.


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