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Not Baby Related February 17, 2009

Filed under: Love and Marriage — themamabeth @ 4:41 am

I got my nails done today. They are all shiny and long and fake. And I can’t do a damn thing. I broke a cork in half opening a wine bottle. With a fancy smancy corkscrew that makes that all but impossible.

Yeah. My fingers hurt. The drilly filer thingy managed to nick ALL of my fingers. That is to say, the lady operating the torture device managed to knick ALL of my fingers.

On a brighter note, we had sushi for dinner. Oh my do I love me some sushi. It was expensive, but wonderful and oh so nice to eat dinner out at a place that does not provide a meal on a plastic tray.

I pissed Jake off this afternoon because I was ‘rude’ to him. Again. I was on the phone with my little brother, and Jake wanted to see my nails. And I made a face at him. And it was not a nice face. And I feel like a jerk. Because he knew how much I wanted to get my nails done. Because he was just trying to show an interest in something that I was excited about. Beth=jerkhead.

Something else to work on. Why did I ever think being in a relationship was easy?


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