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Oh my… February 15, 2009

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I’ve been trolling the blogosphere looking for fun stuff to read. I found Jezer. And she has this amazing video . And it made me cry. And it made me feel guilty because Baby Cakes just went to bed about an hour ago, which is three hours past her bedtime. And I was frustrated with her. Because mommy needed a break and why oh why couldn’t she just go to sleep and let me have a glass of wine and a peaceful moment with the interwebs? And now if I’m feeling frustrated, I’m going to remember that song. And it is going to give me pause, and remember what an amazing and wonderful thing it is to be a mommy. Even when she just won’t sleep and I desperately need a break.

Oh, and I want to have another baby. I don’t know why. I yearn for it. Not just yet. But soon. It is going to happen. I think I’m nuts.

Feels like today…my life is changing.


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