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Friday in Photos February 14, 2009

Filed under: The Pets — themamabeth @ 5:23 am

Baby Cakes was sickish today. She’s sleeping happily now, I think she’ll be fine tomorrow. (That picture is of her in my lap. So her face isn’t buried, she’s laying on her side.)

Just for fun…Loki’s quest for Kraft American Cheese from my grilled cheese sandwich:

He does love him some cheese. Also: french fries, jelly, spaghetti sauce and pizza crust. He has very well rounded tastes in food.
While I was playing invalid with Baby Cakes, I came across Her Bad Mother. Good stuff.
Incidentally, I just learned how to do the purple underlined linky thing. And also, did you know the Home and End keys navigate webpages? Who woulda thunk it? I actually once considered myself computer savvy. Looks like not so much. But I’m going to figure it out, you just watch.
Oh, Jake says I can get my nails done. I made sure to explain to him the maintenance. He said that’s fine with him. He even offered to go into to work early so he can get home early so I can go tomorrow! Seriously, he is the most awesome ever.
Speaking of nails…I watched the interview with the lady who had eight babies in California. She’s got her nails done. Seriously? She’s on food stamps, but has her nails done? That looks like a brand new set too. Just seems like if one is trying to explain how hard it is, and how one is having a hard time financially, one wouldn’t go get a full set of acrylic nails right before doing a TV interview. And if you look closely at the picture linked, she’s got them done in that one too! What the heck? Me thinks I smell a rat.


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