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: P February 9, 2009

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Yes, I resorted to an emoticon for my title. : P on you if you have a problem with it.

I woke up this morning with a HUGE chip on my shoulder. I am pissy.

I asked Jake to leave me his debit card before he went to work so I could go buy paint at Lowe’s. You know, since he lost my debit card and my new one isn’t here. Butbutbut he says…I need gas. Oh, well you can take my car, there’s plenty of gas in it. Butbutbut he says, what if I need a drink? Butbutbut what about all those times before you had any money that you took my debit card and left me at home with no fundage and sometimes took my car and I can’t drive your car? Butbutbut. Jerkhead.

R, who is on my cell phone plan needs a new phone. I changed the plan, and they didn’t advise me that it would take away our get new phone privledges. So I asked to have it put back the way it was, which hasn’t been done. R has been texting me all morning about her phone. It won’t charge. She needs a new one NOW. OHMYGOD I don’t care this minute. I’m sorry. That sucks the phone doesn’t work. They have cheap phones just buyanewgoddamedphone and leave me alone!

My aunt is flying into town tonight. I am soooo exicted. I named my baby after her. She’s that awesome. She’ll be here at 4. Uhoh. Four is not a good time at my house. Actually, from 4-8 PM is not a good time in my house. That is when all hell breaks loose and the only thing that will make baby A happy is to walk back and forth while I sing the Ants Go Marching song. Over and over and over again. You know, the ants go marching one by one hurrah hurrah…There’s going to be familial discord tonight when I tell my dad that I can’t bring the baby over until tomorrow. Sorry Aunt A! We will visit, I swear.

Ugh. Maybe it is the weather. It should be a rare treat to have a cloudy rainy day. I was going to paint the doors today. Maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll just keep reading blogs. Incidentally, I found a fantastic blog over the weekend here. It is laugh out loud quality.

I’m off to have a cup of coffee and hopefully get rid of this bad attitude.

update: I drove right by the bank and had to turn around. Some jerk tried to kill me by turning right from the left-turn lane. The drive through at the bank was closed. Lowe’s didn’t have the brand of paint I wanted. Stupid day.


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