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Doing So Good February 5, 2009

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I went out today. Adeline and I went to buy a Wubba Nub. Pictures to follow. So cute, and she actually likes it.

So the list…Today’s projects:
Go to bed by midnight. Even if I just lay there. (done)
Walk the dogs (not done-ran out of time)
Finish cleaning on Wednesday (not done just didn’t feel like it so there)
Knit (not done ran out of time)
Continue routine (done-bathtime/bed routine anyway, otherwise we have none)
Talk to my mom (done-email counts!)
Talk to Jake about parenting (not done-he was at work when I woke up, and after working 14 hours was sleeping by the time I was in a talky mood)

Tomorrow’s list:
Go to bed by midnight
Walk the dogs
Continue routine
Talk to Jake about parenting
Go to Joann’s
Meet R at Verizon
Go to my mom’s

I’m going to make a baby wrap! Check out

I feel good. Jake is really proud of me too, which is nice. He’s so great, all supportive and stuff. I love having a happy relationship with more goods than bads. We’re not perfect by any means, but he’s such a great guy most of the time that it is easier to forgive his mistakes.

My list for tomorrow is long, but I’m ready for tomorrow to be here already! Let’s get this party started! And I’m stoked about the wrap thing. I think I’ll do bills, then go to Joann’s and get my fabric, and clean and babywear at the same time. Oh exciting!

I just used the word stoked. It is time for me to go to bed. Sheesh.

I think I fixed the comment issue-Thanks Heather!


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