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Progress… February 4, 2009

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I went to bed last night and slept. I woke up this morning at a reasonable time. On the list of things to do:
Go to bed by midnight. Even if I just lay there. Starting tonight (Tuesday)
Walk the dogs at least once a day (not done)
Finish cleaning on Tuesday (not done)
Not sit around during the day. I’m wasting time. (Done!)
Knit everyday. I really enjoy that. (not done)
Start a routine (sort of done)

La kiddo was in a mood today. She did great for the morning/early afternoon. I got a real, true smile! One for me! The others had been for Jake, but this one was all for me. And a coo. It made my life. Seriously. The day progressed and things started to go downhill. Jake started my dinner, so I figured I’d do a bedtime routine, put the baby to bed and I’d eat, and Jake and I would spend some quality time together. Hahaha. Joke’s on me tonight. She adored her bath, always does. Tried to convince me I was torturing her by applying baby lotion. I took her to her room, figured I’d feed her and lay her down. I fed her-so far so good. I laid her down. Still going well. I sat down to eat. Her Mama Is Eating radar must have pinged. I handed my plate to Jake and got her back to bed. Five minutes later, I was back in there again. And again. And again. I brought her out to the living room and fed her. And put her in her bassinet. That worked for a bit. All in all, it took me about 2 hours to eat my dinner. She finally dozed in her swing and now she’s asleep in her bed in my room. Thank goodness. I was so done. She’s been kinda clingy for the past couple of days. I think it may be a growth spurt.

As for me, today was a good day. I did lots of productive stuff. I didn’t do everything on my list, but I made good progress and I’m proud. I think I like the bedtime routine I’m trying to get started.

I’m still mad at Jake from yesterday’s mess, but mad just doesn’t go away. I know that’ll pass. I’m concerned about our family dynamic right now. It seems like it is me and Adeline. And Jake. Not me and Adeline and Jake. That’s a problem that we need to get figured out soon, because he thinks she hates him. Of course she doesn’t but since she spends 98% of her time with me, I’m her One. I’m her main Boob. And in my infinate knowledge, I didn’t ever bother to discuss with him child-rearing strategies for babyhood. We have it all figured out as far as how we’ll do it once she’s, oh 14. But until then we may be in a little trouble. I’m all about the attachment parenting…I didn’t explain it to him. Oops. My bad.

So for tomorrow:
Go to bed by midnight. Even if I just lay there.
Walk the dogs
Finish cleaning on Wednesday
Continue routine
Talk to my mom
Talk to Jake about parenting


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